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Hey suckers. Read the rules and prep your application all you want, but the_cool_kids is under construction, and if you stepped into our rocky terrain, you'd be screaming like squirrels stuck in fan belts. We are currently undergoing the Great Cool Kids Experiment and are in the process of letting our awesomeness shine to a supreme state.

Actually, we're just getting re-aquainted with each other. And because of this, we won't be accepting applications until May 1st, 2004. If you want to be involved with the close-knit nature of our loving community by the time you join, feel free to read the intro posts made by the members to get better acquainted with them, but any applications will be held in queue until the first of May.

Ok. So here it is.

Who wants to drive a Buick if you could be driving a Camino? Who wants to play Twister when you could be playing Asshole? Who wants to sing Tina Turner when you could be singing Michael Jackson?

Nobody. So... who wants to hang out with average people if you could be hanging out with cool people??

In an attempt to make the world a better place, and create more live journal whores in the process, we have combined wit, sarcasm, scientific intellignece, and superiority to bring you the_cool_kids.

The rules are the same as any other of the communities listed above. Why? Because we all want to be part of something exclusive. There are plenty of open membership places around that will just have anyone. But people as cool as you and me, honey, we need a special place to be.

So, you little wanna-bes, here are the rules.

1. Your first post. This is the first and only introduction you'll get, so it best be good, sucker. Pictures aren't required in applications, but they're preferred, not so that you can be judged on your level of hotness, but so that we judges can see just how cool you look. With a picture, of course, you'll need to include some writing, telling us why exactly you think you're worthy of being dubbed cool. What makes you so original, so rockin', so totally bodacious and dudeical? Tell us, and maybe we'll agree.

Specific Guidelines (The application):
a. top 4 reasons you are cool.
b. favorite band, book, and movie
c. a small bio paragraph telling us a little bit more about you. age, home, what you spend your time doing. make yourself sound cool in a few sentences.

2. All forms of coolness are accepted. If you're cool because you're so completely scene; or if you're cool because you're so totally anti-scene that you bounce back to being scene; if you're cool because you nail your girlfriend 42 times a day; if you're cool because you shop at A&F - post & justify your coolness to us.

3. Once you post, accepted members will get to vote. Mostly yesses, you're in. Mostly nos, well then I guess that means that all your friends are liars and are only your friends out of pity, and you really are one lame pile of shit.

Just kidding. Don't flip out - it's just a live journal community. If we could, we'd let everyone in. But if we did such a thing, there'd be no way to pick apart the totally awesome from the only semi-awesome.

It would be in your best interest to read the following posts by accepted members.
1. this post by accepted member, blackmarketpony
a more clear, violent, explicit, vulgar and informative explanation of the rules.

2. this post, outlining some of the things that make the mods' teeth itch. subject to change at any moment.

unopenedxletter, blackmarketpony & rankofhands are your moderators. Bless them, and they will reward you with awesomeness.

as moderators, they are the only ones who can provide the cool/uncool stamp. they can also ban people.

ban-worthy infractions:
1. not being cool enough
2. voting/commenting on posts outside your own before you're accepted
3. spamming
4. being an ass-face
5. sucking
6. being rude

[note] if you do any of the above, not only will we ban you, but we will make you feel really bad about yourself before-hand.

Prove your coolness and follow these guidelines.

We tire of getting applications every day, and as cool kids, we like to make the community a little more than just a rating community. We try to entertain fellow members with various posts and whatnot, but we don't like crap. I think that's pretty easy to understand, right? So, read and follow the following rules, and we will all be golden, and there will be no punches to the face or kicks to the twats or anything of the sort.

1. If you think it's stupid, it probably is. Don't post it.

2. If you post stupid shit, it will be deleted or mocked. Don't
complain, just move on. It's only a livejournal community.

3. You need to make sure your posting is on point. A thread should be a
discussion of ONE TOPIC, and related issues. If you want to start a new
topic, then start a new thread, but DO NOT clutter threads with off
topic posts.

4. If you are responding to a specific comment by another poster, either
reply directly to that comment, or quote it in your own comment, so we
know what you're talking about.

5. TRY TO SPELL SHIT CORRECTLY. Do not use "ur" to replace "your" or "u"
you replace "you," or anything like that.

Alright. Lets make with the cool.