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Hi, I thought I'd try to join this community. I'm more or less just curious to see how I will do. That is all.

Top four reasons I am cool:
4. I am a pretty prolific songwriter, with probably upwards of 50 songs to my name. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm tooting my own horn, but I guess that's what one does when one tries to convince people that one is cool. I write mostly folky stuff these days.

3. I have nearly 900 service hours (that's a lot if you're up to doing the math), including work in a Navajo Indian reserve, Mexico, Costa Rica, rural West Virginia, and Buffalo, NY.

2. I am a twin.

1. I have been homeless (I guess that's not cool, but maybe interesting).

Favorite band:
Wow, it's hard to choose one. I'm going to pretend that the instructions said "musician" instead of "band" and say Elliott Smith. I am also very much into Clem Snide, The American Analog Set, and a number of other artists (have any of you ever heard Joanna Newsom? she is incredible).

Of Mice and Men


In the reasons why I am cool, I said I used to be homeless; that may have been misleading. I was, at one point, technically homeless, but I was not on the street. I'll explain. I think it was the year 2000 or 2003 when my Dad lost his job. The economy was pretty sour and my Dad was pretty old, so it was especially difficult for him to find gainful employment. He took this as a sign from God that he should give up on his previous field of finances and banking and pursue his life long dream of becoming a Presbyterian minister. He applied to a few theological seminaries with no luck. During this time, our family ran out of money and we lost much of what we owned; namely our home. We moved in with friends, and I lived on a couch for the first year and a half, and on a futon for the remaining six months or so. Things are okay now, though.

I'm 17. I'm in a band. I'm trying to finish up highschool and get on with things.
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